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Test of English for International Communication Online (TOEIC) Preparation
June 3, 2022
General English (Academic Model)
June 8, 2022

GEPT Online (General English Proficiency Test) Preparation



GEPT (General English Proficiency Test) is a test preparation course for candidates studying in elementary, junior to senior high school students and other levels of individuals who want to take this exam to test their Proficiency in English. The course level starts from Elementary, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

KHF English provides the English training 100% online. Due to the increased demand of students who want to take the GEPT test, KHF develop this program to prepare students for the test. We can also design a program based on the weakness of individuals and give focus on student’s weaknesses in the skills area.

Target: For 13 years old and above (Adults) | Duration: 40 minutes per class | No. of Lessons: 24


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