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International English Language Test System Online (I E L T S) Preparation
June 3, 2022
GEPT Online (General English Proficiency Test) Preparation
June 3, 2022

Test of English for International Communication Online (TOEIC) Preparation



There are two goals for your TOEIC course preparation. First, improve your proficiency in English. The TOEIC Preparation course will help you improve your English language skills. This course will help you build your vocabulary by exposing you to words that commonly appear on the TOEIC test. You will learn words used in a variety of business contexts such as negotiation contracts, marketing, planning conferences, using computers, writing correspondence, hiring personnel, and making investments. You will also learn words frequently used in more general contexts such as travel, entertainment, shopping, dining, and other everyday situations. It will also help you review English grammar. Your will see grammar structures in TOEIC contexts and get practice with grammar items that are commonly tested on the TOEIC test. Secondly, improving your test-taking skills. The TOEIC Preparation course will help you develop skills that will improve your ability to take the TOEIC test efficiently. You will become familiar with the types of questions asked on the test and you will learn to analyze test items for tricks and traps that are commonly hidden in the answer choices.

Target: For 13 years old and above (Adults) | Duration: 40 minutes per class | No. of Lessons: 24

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